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How Can Text Marketing Help Your Business?

Text Message Marketing For Retail

Store promotions are only as good as the marketing and advertising behind them. Mobilementum™ lets you quickly and effectively spread the word to Customers with a simple easy text marketing message. People respond much quicker to SMS text messages, (usually within 5 seconds of receipt of text), than any other type of communications.

Text Message Marketing For Restaurants

What if you could alert your best customer to an un-advertised dinner deal, special, or last minute dinner reservation opening? If you could include a picture of that special meal that would wet their whistles, it would be all the more appetizing to them. With Mobilementum™ you can! Mobilementum™ lets you send text marketing messages with the push of a button to your customers. It’s as easy as 123 send!

Text Message Marketing For Nonprofits

Nonprofits need to diversify their financial base and reach a broader segment of donors. Mobile fundraising is a way to extend the reach of any financial campaign and engage people anytime from any place on their mobile device via text marketing. Aside from building a donor base, text marketing provides another way for nonprofits to fundraise, communicate with volunteers, coordinate events and develop peer to peer donation programs.

Text Messaging For Schools

How do you keep in touch with today’s busy parents? What do you do when there are changes in the school schedule, events, cancellations, and date changes? Most people don’t check email regularly; phone broadcast systems are hit or miss and not as quick or effective. Text message marketing is the fresh alternative! Mobilementum™ makes communicating to hundreds or thousands of student’s parents simple!

Text Marketing For Churches

Churches are discovering how they can harness the power of text message marketing for ministries with Mobilementum™. Churches are able to enhance communications connections with youth like never before. They now have the ability to send inspirational messages, prayer request, event reminders, donation request and cancellation notifications and a multitude of services to their congregations. 

Text Marketing For Mobile Tickets

Say good bye to fumbling around in pockets or purses for tickets; Mobilementum’s™ “Ticket It” system delivers to your customers a variety of tickets, i.e. concert tickets, sports event tickets, fundraising event,  and transit ticket, all directly to their cell phone. Mobilementum™ “Ticket It” system delivers uniquely identifiable secure tickets to an individual’s cell phone number. Mobilementum's™ mobile tickets contain all the necessary information for the event, i.e. ticket number, seat assignment, event time and location.

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