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Mobilementum’s™ text marketing features are easy to use!
Sending messages, signing up contacts, bringing in new customers...Couldn't be easier.

Mass Market Texting

Sending mass text messages couldn't be easier. With our easy interface for sending out texts, we'll eliminate the stress!

Keyword Signup

People can sign up for your text marketing / SMS marketing list by texting your custom keyword to 91011. Each keyword is unique and represents a different promotion. When someone texts your keyword to 91011, they'll get an instant response back that you can easily customize. These messages are called "auto-replies".

Text Message Scheduling

Schedule text messages to go out on any date and time. You can set up a single campaign, or multiple campaigns that can be scheduled for that date or months in advance.


Auto replies are the messages that your customers receive after sending your keyword to 91011. You can change these to match new offers or just to keep things fresh.

MMS/Picture Messaging

Easily attach pictures to any of your outgoing text marketing campaigns to further increase engagement and response rates from your subscribers.

Send From Phone

On the go? No problem! You'll have the ability to send out your text marketing / SMS marketing campaigns with a simple text message!

Text to Win

Want to engage your audience and build your list at the same time! Contests are a great way to do it. Have people text your keyword to 91011to enter for a chance to win. We activate, run, and complete your contests. We randomly award your winners and we do it all 100% automatically. Set it and forget it!

Birthday Texts

Easily collect peoples' birthdays when they subscribe to your text list. Then, when their special day arrives, our system will automatically send them your birthday text message. You can control everything! You literally set it and forget it!

Detailed Marketing Analytics

Gain some incredibly useful insight into your text marketing efforts. With everything from opt in/out graphs to geographical stats and link tracking; we've got you covered on all the important things you need to know.

"One Per Person"

Many times you'll find yourself offering an extra special deal for new subscribers who join your text marketing list. To keep people from abusing special one- time deals, when joining your text marketing list, Mobilementum™ provides a feature that allows each person to get your welcome auto reply once. If they opt out and then opt back in, they'll get a welcome back message instead.

Unique Coupon Codes

Mobilementum™ can provide a unique coupon code to each individual subscriber when sending an outbound campaign?

Contacts Segmentation

Mobilementum’s™ segmenting tool, allows you to easily create "subgroups" within your text marketing lists based upon subscriber data like area code, city, state, date subscribed and more!

Upload Download Contacts

Download your contacts and all their info at any time. You can also up-load a text message marketing list from your Excel documents. Provided you have explicit written consent from your subscribers.

Real Text Messages All The Time

Some companies use simulated email technology to send your texts. Messages get caught up in spam filters and often times never get delivered. Every Mobilementum™ message sent goes directly to the cell phone carriers so everyone gets your texts!

No Charge for Incoming Messages

Incoming messages are 100% free! You only pay for the messages you send out.

Store Unlimited Contacts

Have as many phone numbers signed up for your text marketing / SMS marketing lists as possible.

Secure Information
With Mobilementum™ your information is safe and secure behind industry standard encryption!

Help From Mobilementum™
We want your text message marketing efforts to be as successful as possible. we're here for you! If you ever have an unanswered question, we want to help! Don't ever hesitate to contact us.

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